Tow Companies Offer More Than Just A Towing Service

Local towing companies provide more than just a towing service. Besides tow trucks, towing companies generally offer other options and or have equipment that gives these companies the ability to provide several other kinds of services. As tow truck companies grow they typically want to maximize there profits all while paying the staff accordingly and sometimes there just isn’t enough money to grow a tow company strictly by towing.

Emergency Roadside Services

Towing Company In Naperville, IL

In addition to towing there are other ways a towing company can get a person back on the road. Most towing companies also offer roadside assistance services, where some companies offer all kinds of different services, and where other companies strictly like to push towing. These roadside assistance services may include services such as jump starts, flat tire changing, lockouts, and more. Not only do they have to offer the service but they have to sell the service. This is where the competition kicks in.

Towing Company Competition Gets Ugly

Towing company competition gets ugly. Know matter what they have to do, sealing the deal is top priority. A lot of towing companies seal the deals with a scam approach. Hence the so much to hook and so much per mile quote. Or some may even though in the flat rate for us to come out quote. Be warned these are typical signs to the beginning of a scam. You always, repeat always want to ask and know what the grand total is plain and simple. Save the pain, frustration, the feeling of being lied to and used. Hence if there is no total there will be hidden fee’s.

Most towing companies also offer competitive rates just to remain in competition with all the other towing & roadside assistance companies. But in the long run what good are competitive rates to a consumer if that is just the gateway leading to all kinds of hidden fee’s?

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