Jump Start No Problem But A Little More Work Than Usual

Our Naperville based towing company has jump started 1000’s of vehicles in plus all around Naperville Illinois. Today was one of those rare occasions that we bumped into a problem.

So this lady calls us from Willowbrook over at a Whole Foods that had a Chevy Cavalier that was in need of our Naperville tow company’s jump start service. We arrived to her location within an hour ready to help as usual. Popped the hood boom, no jump start terminals, plus the battery terminals were buried by the air cleaner assembly. Not a major problem by any means but somewhat unusual in our eyes, first time for everything. Nothing our trusty screwdriver can’t handle. Removed the air cleaner assembly cover, boom, jumped and ready to roll.

So what does this mean? Don’t leave home without our trusty screwdriver? Yes, for one. But for two even though we’ve done 1000’s of jump starts in Naperville land plus all over Chicago’s South to West suburbs, even we run into obstacles sometimes that we have to jump over even with a simple jump start service. When you need a tow service which includes jump starts, who are you going to call? Tow Recover Assist out of Naperville, IL, 24/7 jump start service you can count on. Reliable fast, & affordable jump starting service you can trust plus afford.

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