Did Your Dog Lock You Out Of Your Car Again Naperville Illinois?

Believe it or not 1 out of every 50 automotive lockout services we do is because of a pet locking the lock on an unwary owner. Who is the guilty one, the owner leaving the pet in the vehicle, or the pet locking the door? Did you know in some states it’s illegal to leave a pet in a locked vehicle unattended? Regardless were here for you and your pet’s auto lockout needs.

Did your dog lock you out of your vehicle in Naperville, IL, or any surrounding suburbs? We actually, hard enough to believe see it all the time. It’s nothing to be ashamed about it happens to the best of us. Animals like to have fun too. When the owner isn’t looking, it’s party time. Hopping around, trying to dig through the glass, peeing in the back seat, wooooo good times. Oops just locked the door. Wait a minute the keys are in the ignition, car is running, and hopefully the A/C is running. What are we going to do? Where is Tow Recover Assist when we need them?

Has this happened to you? Don’t worry call Tow Recover Assist 24-7.

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